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Commissions Nov 2016 by kanapy-art

I just want to draw something different from previous commissions. lol
I'm not sure it will gonna work or not....

  • 5 Slots

  • Bust-UP ONLY  

  • PRICE : 1 character 70 USD 2 characters 120 USD (included PayPal fee)

  • you can choose expression face of your character : Sad , Happy , Blushing , Startle

  • simple BG but you can request BG that suits your character.

  • You will get .PNG file 

  • After received your payment, I will start on your commission.

  • I will take a week or 2 weeks per work or faster than that.

Plese send a note to me with "Screenshot commissions" subject


And for my color commissions, I'll open it again next year.

♥♥ Thank you so much for your supporting me ♥♥

01 by kanapy-art002 by kanapy-art2016-08-0024 by kanapy-art
2016-09-25412 by kanapy-art2016-08-25fdghg12 by kanapy-art0003 by kanapy-art

*previous commissions*

►Commission info◄


  • PRICE : 1 character 115 USD : 2 characters 200 USD + 10-40 USD for complicated details
  • You will get .PNG and .PSD file

  • After received your payment, I will start on your commission.


Journal Entry: Sun Jul 14, 2013, 10:45 PM

I want to let you know first that my english skill is not good. sometime I read your ask but I can't answer them. So sorry for this. ; _ ;


♦ What the first thing you start with ? face? eyes? or the nose ?!

- Eyes. you can watch this  or..

♦ How you draw eyes? show differences between male eyes and females eyes

- I don't know how to expain this ; v ; I hope my drawing will make you understand easier than my words.

Do you have some tips about howto draw anatomy?

- Oh! body anatomy ; v ; I'm not good at it. I still learn about anatomy too. But for my male anatomy,I show you how I draw a male anatomy.

So almost of this pic is not correct from real anatomy. ; v ; (if you want more about anatomy, google can help you)

For Blue line, it is a guide line to guess body section.

♦ Where did you learn to draw?

- On the internet. From my favorite artist. Tumblr, DA and Pixiv.

Did you take art clsses in school to become such a great artist or is just natural talent?

-I think I'm still not a great artist yet. ; v ; I study in faculty of Visual Communication Arts.

It's can help a little bit. but I alway learned it from my favorite artist or anime or movie or anything around me. I think it's as good as art class.

♦ What programs you use for your art?

- Photoshop CS2 and Paint Tool SAI

♦ How do you make your digital art?

♦ Pencil Brush settings?

How do you digitally color?

♦ How did you get to draw so good?

- My friend told me I draw everyday.

How do you get your drawings to look so much like the characters/people you base them off of?

-  I just don't know how to answer it in english. I think first of all, it's portait. you should know how to draw people portaits. it will help you to find identity in people.and I love to draw people portaits. ^^

The important thing when you draw portaits is EYES. it's can make your pic as same as people that you drawn.

I'm a normal person. I can't draw like this in the first time.I draw them again and again. sometime I feel disappointed with it. but I never stop to draw.

I can't describe how to draw step by step. because I don't have it. I just look at it and draw.

I'm so sorry if it make you feel disappointed. and I sorry for my bad english too. ; v ; I hope you understand what I want to say.

Just draw again and again I'm sure you can do it. ^^

♦ Have you ever done fanwork for like, rps or fanfics?

- Yes.

♦ I was curious if you ever draw with pencils on paper or if you only use your tablet?

- Both.

♦ What tablet do you use?

- I use Genius G-Pen F610.

♦ Can you do more tutorials?

You can see my old tutorial on my DA. If I have enery to draw, I'll do more tutorial. oTL

♦ Do you take a request or an art trade?

- I'll draw some request If I have interesting on it.

Do you have any tips?

- I don't have any tips. I can't teach you how to draw ; v ; just draw everyday. and you should try too.


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